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iPhone 7 Pro shown in all four colors in new leaked photo

I hope they will have a darker color, too. I like the dark blue but we don’t know if it’s real. It might be black. Probably, they’ll have both colors, then I’ll tend to the blue version. Possibly, different iPhone models come with different colors… But this would mean a lot of manufacturing differences for Apple and I cannot imagine they would do that. So, let’s see…


It seems like we get at least a dozen new iPhone 7 leaks each and every day now that the release date is fast approaching. If all goes according to plan — or at least, according to what most industry watchers believe to be Apple’s plan — two new iPhones will be unveiled in early or mid-September ahead of their launch toward the end of the month. Some believe they will be “boring” while others know that probably won’t be the case at all. But either way, these are the two most eagerly anticipated new smartphones of the year by a wide margin.

Earlier today we showed you leaked photos of a real iPhone 7 powered on for the first time ever, and now we have another first to share: An image of the larger iPhone 7 Pro model shown in all four colors.

With the iPhone 6 back in 2014, Apple changed up its game plan with the iPhone lineup. Instead of launching just one new flagship phone (or one new phone and one…

Read the entire article from BGR here: iPhone 7 Pro shown in all four colors in new leaked photo


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