iPhone SE diary: It’s day 5, and my decision is already made

I like this review and I tend to agree. I’ve been to the Apple Store and have tried out the iPhone SE. I own an iPhone 5s, so it was not a big difference in design and I could not really test much. I liked Live Photos, the better camera and the fact it had NFC. However, as long as there is no Apple Pay in Germany, I don’t really need it. So, for the moment, I am staying with my iPhone 5s until I realise its capacity is becoming to low for all the new iOS updates.


I use this diary format to provide my take on iDevices for three reasons. First, because initial impressions can be misleading. Second, because tastes, of course, vary. And third, in recognition of the fact that you can’t really look at a single device in isolation – we also need to understand the role it plays in our own personal Apple ecosystem.

If I were looking to have just two devices – a laptop and a phone – then there would be only one sensible choice for me: the iPhone 6s Plus. As a pocket computer (which is of course what the iPhone is), the iPhone 6s Plus is an extremely capable device which offers an excellent compromise between a smaller iPhone and an iPad.

But, for me, that would be too great a compromise. I’d be giving up the ability to carry it in most trouser pockets (YTrousersMV) without gaining the usability benefits of an iPad-sized screen. It is, to me, a little too large for comfortable handling and a little too small for comfortable…

Read the entire article from 9to5Mac here: iPhone SE diary: It’s day 5, and my decision is already made


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