Is Financial Services IT Leaving the Wrong Kind of Legacy?

Plagued with legacy applications, security and compliance issues, we explore how IT teams in banking and finance can build a bridge between outdated systems and next-gen digital workspaces.

There’s an old saying in software application development:

“Legacy software is fine. It’s just old software that still works.”

In banking, “legacy” has made financial services IT leaders cringe for years. The word conjures visions of aged IBM mainframes and green screens, piles of COBOL program printouts and entire floors of disk drives. In practice, most of that old tech is long since gone. But in truth? Legacy systems continue to have a place in financial services, where a significant number of institutions still use legacy Microsoft Windows applications to power their businesses.

Mobilizing Legacy Applications

With the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market expected to reach a valuation of $510 billion by 2022, businesses all over the…

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