Just about anyone can read your private conversations if you use SMS

SMS are not encrypted. But we have survived so far. Also, isn’t SMS slowly dying and aren’t we using Whatsapp, Viber and iMessage (and all the other chat apps mentioned below?). I agree, it’s a good feeling if you know that your data in transit and data in rest is encrypted but we wouldn’t share any highly sensitive data via SMS anyway, would we? How do you feel about data encryption in messengers?


Are your iPhone or Android text messages secure? Can anyone intercept them and read their contents? These are questions not many smartphone users ask, but not all text apps offer bulletproof security. In fact, some means of communication offer practically no security at all. Some are better than others at guarding your personal data, whether it’s trivial talk about your favorite sports team, or sharing sensitive documents, pictures and personal data. In fact, some forms of chat are practically impossible to crack.

Meanwhile, if you want to make it as easy as possible for just about anyone to hack your messages and read your private conversations, SMS is definitely the way to go.

Following WhasApp’s announcement that end-to-end encryption has finally been deployed, USA Today looked at what kind of chat services are encrypted, and what kind of encryption they offer. “With…

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