Kodak tries its hand at social with new “Kodak Moments” storytelling app

I think the Kodak Moments app that let’s us slow down and think about the importance of a moment that you see on a photo or that you captured with your camera (phone) is a nice idea! However, as the article below states, it needs some more photo editing features. But, for it being version 1.0, I think it’s good and worth trying!


The saying “Kodak Moment” is a holdover from another era where camera owners had to be thoughtful about which snapshots deserved to be taken, due to the limitations involved with running out of film. Today, the phrase has lost its meaning as mobile users take photos of everything, then curate after the fact using social media services like Facebook or Instagram. Today, Kodak Alaris is trying to breathe new life into the old saying, by launching a new, social app called “Kodak Moments” meant to encourage users to share important moments using photos, layouts and text.

The app’s goal is not to serve as some big dumping ground for your photos, but rather a place where you slow down to think about what should be shared. As the company describes it in its announcement, Kodak Moments is meant to offer a reprieve from the “seemingly endless number of selfies, meaningless hashtags, and sponsored posts that saturate social networks today.”

That sounds good in theory, but…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Kodak tries its hand at social with new “Kodak Moments” storytelling app


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