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Litsy is a book-focused social network that goes beyond reviews

To all the book lovers, this sounds like the app you need! I will take a look at it, too (even though I moved from paper to digital and audio, as my bookshelves are full)! However, it does not mean I cannot use the app, as it does not matter in which format we consume a book. What do you think I about Litsy? Would you use it?


If you’re a book lover, Litsy might be the social app for you.

The startup was founded by Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc, who previously launched the book-themed clothing company Out of Print. Lawton told me the idea for Litsy came from connecting with Out of Print fans at events like book festivals and comic book conventions.

“We realized that there’s a really passionate conversation that happens face-to-face with readers that wasn’t necessarily captured digitally,” Lawton said.

At first, that struck me as a strange thing say when Goodreads exists, and when there are so many different places where you can post your opinion of a book. But as Lawton pointed out, there’s more to the conversation, and to building a community, than posting reviews: “What we wanted to do was take the best, the most fun aspects of other social media platforms and back it with an amazing book database.”

So on Litsy, each post can take a number of different forms — a blurb (basically…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Litsy is a book-focused social network that goes beyond reviews


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