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Lydia is launching a bot to pay back your friends directly from Slack

This is pretty cool! Social Payment apps like Lydia, Venmo, Circle and Cookies are the new thing! They basically come with the same idea (make payments easy) but use different technologies.



Lydia and Slack are two charming services and I like using them. So when I learned the two of them were having a baby together, you bet I was excited.

Lydia is a French payment app, a sort of Venmo for Europe like stealth startup Cookies. It lets you instantly send and receive money with your friends without paying any fee. And it’s a great alternative to cash.

The result of the Slack integration is a Slack bot. Once you install the bot for your Slack, it will monitor at-mentions and figure out if you’re trying to send money.

For instance, you could say “I hope you enjoyed the burgers. @jordan @matt you owe me €10 each. cc @lydia.” Then, Jordan and Matt receive a notification on their phones asking them to confirm the payment. They can review and accept and you get back your €20.

What if they don’t have Lydia? Non-Lydia users receive a link to pay using their credit cards. They just have to open a web page and enter their credit card information. If you are…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Lydia is launching a bot to pay back your friends directly from Slack


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