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Microsoft’s mobile problem may not be a problem at all

Is the cloud the future and does the mobile OS become irrelevant? That might be the horse Microsoft is betting on. They invested a lot in Office 365 and Azure, and it might pay-off.


When Microsoft announced its Windows 10 strategy last year, the thinking was that the unified platform would drive Windows Mobile and finally bring the Windows phone out of the doldrums where it’s been virtually forever.

The idea was you could develop once for Windows 10 desktop and easily share that code on any device, making it impossibly attractive for developers, which would finally drive Windows Mobile popularity in a beautiful virtuous development cycle.

Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out that way, and Microsoft finds itself in an unusual position, developing software for iOS and Android because it simply doesn’t have a viable Windows mobile ecosystem.

According to comScore’s latest marketshare numbers, Microsoft had 2.9 percent marketshare in the US for the fourth quarter last year. That was unchanged since September in case you were wondering. In its fourth quarter earnings report in January, Microsoft reported a smartphone platform deeply in decline.


Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Microsoft’s mobile problem may not be a problem at all


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