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Mobile app development spend still low

The article says that companies prefer to develop their own apps from scratch because a lot of backend integration needs to be done. However, I wonder, do they know that there are APIs already available to connect to the most common systems? What is your experience? Please share it with me in the comments. Thanks!


Businesses are increasing their spend on mobile app development, but we’re still a long way to go before that spending becomes more relevant, a new study by Gartner has shown.

According to the market analysts’ report, overall app development budget allocated to mobile is 10 per cent, a two per cent decrease compared to the year before.

However, almost half (42 per cent) of organisations plan to increase their mobile app development spend by an average of 31 per cent this year.

“Demand for mobile apps in the enterprise is growing, but the urgency to scale up mobile app development doesn’t yet appear to be a priority for most organisations,” said Adrian Leow, principal research analyst at Gartner.

“This must change, particularly given employees often have the autonomy to choose the devices, apps and…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: Mobile app development spend still low


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