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Mobile conversion rates remain low for e-commerce


I believe that the mobile conversion rate is low becaus most shopping sites are not adjusted to small screens. Vendors need to build apps like Amazon did to deliver the highest user experience on mobile. I am able to shop via the Amazon app and it is easy and user-friendly. It becomes more difficult on a website, though. What is your experience?


The latest edition of Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly Report indicates that, though they’re on the rise, mobile conversion rates are still relatively low.

Defined as the percentage of sessions with purchases on a website relative to that website’s total number of sessions, conversion rates are a good indicator of how frequently shoppers become buyers.

  • PC-based “traditional” conversion rates hit 4% in Q1 2016, up from 3.62% in the comparable 2015 period.
  • Smartphone conversion rates are at 1.3%, up from just 1.07% in Q1 2015.

Two factors could contribute to the discrepancy between mobile and desktop conversion rates:

  • Intent: Monetate found that the desktop still “dominates” online shopping — 90% of consumers in the study used a desktop to begin their online shopping, and 91% of that group completed their purchases on a…

Read the entire article from BusinessInsider here: Mobile conversion rates remain low for e-commerce


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