Mobile Devices and Apps Will Fuse More Tightly in Future: Gartner

Devices are not in the center anymore but the apps. We care about what we can do and produce with the help of the devices. I do not agree with the article below that hybrid devices are the solution. I made the experience that the screen of a hybrid device that you carry around like a tablet is very heavy, so you don’t do it for long. The idea of tablets is to have a small and light device that you can carry around while travelling. With hybrid devices, we would carry a laptop again. However, we want to move away from this and travel lighter. I believe that every device has its form factor and purpose. The smartphone is for consumption. The tablet is for consumption and quick tasks like email, skype call, presenting and also making sketches (there are lots of other apps but just to give you examples of quick tasks). If you really need to be creative and use heavy programs to create something, then a laptop is required as there are just more possibilities and it is more technical which is also important for developers.

When we are mobile we simply work with the device that we have at hand and that is required for the use case. I would not generalise that hybrid is the best solution. I imagine a future where the phone will become our hub (this is also why they need to become more and more powerful) and we can control the world around us and also other devices from that phone. 

Imagine, you get to the office, you plug in your phone and it works as the hub (your computer) and all you need is a keyboard and a bigger screen to be creative. Or, you go to your car and open and start it from your phone… of course, our devices could become even smaller and be wearables instead of phones and the input method is voice, however, I think we might stick with smartphones for quite some time… it’s nice to have a screen, to exchange and look at pictures and to see directions on a map.


Users are becoming more interested in what an app can do for them than about which devices they are using to run the app, says a new report.

Smartphones and their myriad individual features will become less important in the future as consumers continue to find that the devices are becoming commodities while the apps that run on them bring more value to their lives.
That’s one of the key conclusions in a new research report, “Market Trends: Device and App Fusion Creates Opportunities in Personal Technologies,” by Gartner analyst Annette Jump. The report looks at the status of today’s mobile devices and the increasing spread of the Internet of things and wearable devices.
That fusion of devices and apps “is one of the key trends that is happening today,” Jump told eWEEK in an April 22 interview. Consumers have largely focused in the past on mobile device hardware, which has now become more of a commodity, said Jump. Now, those same buyers…

Read the entire article from eWeek here: Mobile Devices and Apps Will Fuse More Tightly in Future: Gartner


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