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Mobile phone roaming in EU to remain free by mid-2017

It would be great to live and travel in the EU without roaming fees. O2 is a pioneeer there. I can travel in the EU and do not pay any roaming charges. I have 1 GB to use abroad per month which is sufficient for emails, browsing and app usage.


The European Commission has ditched its plans to establish mobile phone roaming rules that would limit consumers to a 90-day period for roaming outside their home country within the 28-nation block without incurring additional telephone and data charges, according to AFP.
By June 15, 2017, EU residents who travel periodically within the EU should be able to roam freely without surcharges or any type of mobile limits on their days spent out of their home countries. According to the report, this rule can only become official after it’s formally approved by all the EU’s 28 member states.
The European telecom market is one with myriad prices and allowances for voice and data usage, creating a wide variation between nations. The roaming rules were an effort to buckle down on bill shock, which occurred when travelers with low home-country tariffs received unexpectedly high bills while on holiday or traveling for business, particularly when using devices on their…
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