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Mobile trends in Asia: What the future holds

We should have an eye on what’s happening in the mobile market in Asia as this will show us where it can go in Europe and the US as well.



Mobile trends in Asia are evolving at a blistering clip. A GSMA Intelligence report has predicted that an additional billion people will be connected to mobile networks by 2020, one-third of whom will come from India alone. Likewise, according to Percolate, Asia-Pacific is expected to soon become the world’s largest mobile app market, representing nearly 162.2 billion downloads — about three times as many as the Americas.
To put things in perspective, China alone will soon account for more than 51.9 percent of the world’s app consumption, reported Business Insider. With this in mind, it helps for business leaders to stay abreast of current and upcoming changes in the marketplace. The following are some current and emerging mobile trends in Asia:
Second-screen apps will increase in popularity
Based on the Percolate report, mobile users in the Asia-Pacific region are more likely to have embraced second-screen experiences such as companion apps…
Read the entire article from MobileBusinessInsights here: Mobile trends in Asia: What the future holds


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