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Mobility re-imagined: The end of work as we know it?

I really like this article! Embracing mobility can generate so many new opportunities:

  • get the greatest talent, independent from the location
  • fit the working hours around your personal life and not vice versa 
  • eliminate traffic working from home
  • stay home with a sick child but still be able to complete your tasks

and many more.

But, of course, a change in corporate culture is necessary. We need to build on trust on the one hand, and on the other, employees should not feel forced to work longer.


Today’s uncertain marketplace is challenging the traditional role of CIO and technology leader. No longer simply guardians of the back-office, these roles are now positioned at the forefront of innovation as architects of real business change.

In our global, connected and disruptive world, many companies would struggle to compete without the CIO’s vision and practical experience.

Mobility is recognised as an important part of every modern business strategy. Yet it often involves ever-shifting goal posts. Just when a business has outlined their latest mobile strategy, another product or service is launched, often forcing them back to square one!

Faced with today’s shifting market forces, changing workstyles and innovative transformational technology, businesses cannot ignore mobility without risking the…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: Mobility re-imagined: The end of work as we know it?


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