More Android N changes detailed in new leak

Even if Android N might take away some beloved features, it will also certainly add some new features that fans will enjoy. Android Police has a new report about two new Android N changes that show Google has redesigned its quick settings panel and its notifications shade. The website has posted some renders based on leaked information and they reveal some smart tweaks that could help add functionality to these core features.

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When it comes to the quick settings panel, the renders show Google has added pagination so that you’ll be able to swipe between two panels of settings instead of just one. This means you can pick which settings you want on your main panel while you lump the settings you use less often in the secondary panel. Here’s Android Police’s render of what it will look like — notice the two dots under the notifications that indicate you’ll be able to swipe to another…

Read the entire article from BGR here: More Android N changes detailed in new leak


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