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More cars than phones were connected to cell service in Q1

This is crazy… The IoT will be big!


Millions of people in the United States have mobile phones, and we’ve had them for years. We may upgrade phones or change plans, but cell phones and plans are generally sold to people who already have devices. But cellular services aren’t out of new devices to connect—now they’ve got cars. In the first quarter of 2016, connected cars accounted for a third of all new cellular devices.

Mobile-industry consultants at Chetan Sharma noted that there were more cars added to networks than phones and fewer tablets than previously. According to analysts, smartphone penetration is at 84% in the United States, and new customer revenue is approaching zero. But connected cars are still new to the market, so as they roll off assembly lines and into garages, they’ll need to be hooked up to a network.

AT&T has 8 million cars on its network, “probably the highest of any mobile operator in the world,” the report said, and it’s adding more cars than all other operators combined….

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: More cars than phones were connected to cell service in Q1


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