Motorola Is Fastest With Android Updates, Study Finds

This article shows why Android fragmentation is so high. If you want to always get the Android update first, you definitely need to go with a Nexus phone.


Motorola, LG and HTC send out Android OS updates more quickly than their smartphone competitors, some of whom wait as long as five months, according to an Apteligent report.
Not all smartphone vendors distribute their Android updates on the same schedules—a fact Android users know only too well.
This and other trends about the frequency of Android OS updates can be seen clearly through a new study by mobile app intelligence vendor Apteligent, which ranks the Android update schedules of an assortment of phone makers.
In the lead for Android 6.0 updates in the United States is Motorola, followed by LG and HTC, according to the report, “Android Manufacturer Edition.” Apteligent analyzes actual mobile user data to help app developers “see” how their software is working in the real world on the devices of end users.
“Motorola tried the update first on a smaller set of devices, such as the Moto X Pure Edition / Moto X…
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