New alleged ‘iPhone 7’ display photo conflicts with recent rumors

By Mike Wuerthele
Thursday, August 04, 2016, 02:09 pm PT (05:09 pm ET)
Another “iPhone 7” parts leak photo has cropped up, but the image of the display assembly does not match recent leaks, with it reiterating rumors of display design feature alterations consistent with advanced light and proximity sensors.
The front panel shown in the most recent photo found on social media venue Weibo does not match the iPhone 6s, nor does it come close to the set of photos and video purportedly of a functional device earlier on Thursday.
Notable differences are two sensor cutouts, versus one on the iPhone 6 family. More ambient sensor penetrations in the screen facing support earlier rumors from June of a “dual specification” in the new device, at least in part. The earlier rumors had discrete emitter and receiver light and proximity sensor components, that bracketed the phone speaker to the left and to the right.
A significantly wider speaker cutout is shown on…
Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: New alleged ‘iPhone 7’ display photo conflicts with recent rumors


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