Nonprofits See the Promise of Next-Generation Technology

Very interesting how non-profit organizations can benefit from new technologies like point-of-sale, collaboration and mobile tools to increase their customer base. I also know a great project of a mobile app that has been made for a gallery and guides the visitor through the museum with a little bit of extra information about the pieces of art.


Just as technology has transformed the way people buy goods and services, IT improvements can also create tremendous value for nonprofit organizations with a retail component. It’s true some of the specific considerations around technology differ between commercial retailers and nonprofits, but many similarities remain.
For example, a museum is not as susceptible to the “showrooming” phenomenon (in which shoppers use their mobile devices to compare prices online while shopping in-store) in the way that big-box retailers are. A trip to the museum can’t be purchased online with same-day delivery, after all. However, museums (as well as zoos, nonprofit thrift shops and other organizations) can certainly benefit from sophisticated point-of-sale systems, data analytics, digital signage and other tools that commercial retailers rely on. Although visitors to an art museum are unlikely to take out their cellphones at the ticket booth and comparison-shop Van Gogh exhibitions, they…
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