Office 365 gets new AI-powered editing and research functionality

I am not sure whether these features are great and simplify work with Word or if they make people dumb. If we have an AI correcting everything for us, why does our brain still need to think? I think, language suffers with spell checkers as people don’t worry anymore about their spelling as it is corrected anyway. I prefer to be able to think about the word that I’m writing and to understand why it’s written like it’s written, especially in a foreign language. Only this way, we are able to remember the words and their spelling. Well, I will have to check it out to see how intrusive it is. If it still allows enough space to think, then I might be fine with it and might only use it in situations I am actually not 100% sure or need a definition.

From a technical point of view, it’s a cool thing. I am curious how intelligent the AI is.



Microsoft Corp. is gearing up to release a major update for its Office 365 productivity suite. The biggest changes are coming to Word, which is set to receive two new editing features that the company says employ artificial intelligence to streamline the writing process.


The first new addition is called Editor for Word and promises to extend the application’s built-in spellchecker with automatic linguistic recommendations. It can flag subtle grammatical errors that currently go undetected, display word definitions to help explain each mistake and even provide tips for improving readability. This means that if a worker uses an overly complicated phrase like “the majority of” in a sentence, a tooltip will appear with a recommendation to use a simpler expression like “most of.” Microsoft says that the suggestions are generated in the cloud by a combination of machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.


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