Opinion: How Apple could tempt me to upgrade to an iPhone 7

Good points, indeed… I wish they took the iPod touch and made a phone out of it. It would have a great size, would be light, looks good and then it needs all the latest technology. Then I would go for it.


After reading Zac’s opinion piece on how the iPhone SE could actually tempt him not to upgrade to the iPhone 7, I realized that I hadn’t even begun to think what Apple could do to get me to want to upgrade to an iPhone 7. Overall I’ve been happy with the iPhone since its iPhone 5 iteration. It was the device I felt Apple really hit its stride with the hardware. I only upgraded to an iPhone 6 because I wanted a better camera and needed more storage space, but the larger form factor was a serious drawback for me. So what could possibly make me even want to upgrade from my current iPhone 6 to another phone later this year?

Now, of course I realize the discrepancy in even bringing this up. How could you know you don’t want to upgrade when nothing has even been officially announced? That’s just it though. I don’t know what’s going to be in the iPhone 7, but I also don’t know what more I could want from my phone. I loved the iPhone 5 design, and the iPhone 6’s…

Read the entire article from 9to5Mac here: Opinion: How Apple could tempt me to upgrade to an iPhone 7


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