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Pick your next iPhone: iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6

This is a good comparison in case you are unsure with what phone you should go. Basically, my recommendation is, if you like the 4-inch display then the iPhone SE is well worth it (even thought the design has not changed much). However, if you would like a bigger screen then you might probably want to wait for the iPhone 7 (which might be waterproof and come with a dual-lens camera). If I get an iPhone SE, I will write a review for you! What do you think, are you looking into buying an iPhone SE?


Apple on Monday unveiled the iPhone SE, the company’s first 4-inch iPhone since the iPhone 5s made its debut in 2013. At first glance, the iPhone SE is nearly indistinguishable from the iPhone 5s it replaces.

Apart from a new Rose Gold color option, the iPhone SE differs only slightly in design from the iPhone 5s in some very subtle ways: on the iPhone SE, the Apple logo on the back is a stainless steel cut-out (as per the iPhone 6 and 6s range) while on the iPhone 5s the logo is a silver screenprint; on the iPhone SE the chamfered edges are matte while on the iPhone 5s the same detailing is shiny.

Although nearly identical on the outside, Apple touted the iPhone SE as “the most powerful 4-inch phone ever created.” That claim is based on the fact that Apple crammed almost all of the features and components found on its latest iPhone into the 4-inch handset.

Not counting the two ‘Plus’ iPhone models, customers now have three base-model iPhones to choose from: the…

Read the entire article from SiliconAngle here: Pick your next iPhone: iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6


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