Plane is a new ‘social icebreaker’ app from the founder of Cupple

Plane is a new social app from Tim Allison, who previously founded Cupple, the relationship app acquired by YC alumni Pair (which since re-branded to Couple and was sold to Life360).

Born out of Allison’s own frustrations, after he moved countries, Plane is pithing itself as ‘social icebraker’, and lets anybody post a short location-based message — called a ‘Signal’ — to be read by other users in the same city. You can reply publicly to a signal, which disappears after 24 hours, and optionally swap ‘social cards’ and exchange private messages.

In other words, Plane mixes features from Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, and also crosses over with something like Yik Yak, the location-based social app popular on university campuses.

Allison tells me the idea was initially conceived to serve the needs of expats, but since being soft launched in Copenhagen two months ago is already resonating with a wider group of users. “We’ve found that the ‘expat’ group is…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Plane is a new ‘social icebreaker’ app from the founder of Cupple


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