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Reactions to the San Bernardino County debate

The top technology news story right now is the debate between Apple and the FBI in the aftermath of the San Bernardino tragedy. Last week, Reuters ran a story here titled “Common mobile software could have opened San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.” The story mentioned MobileIron because San Bernardino County is a MobileIron customer.

As an employee of the County, the shooter had an employer-issued iPhone; however, this phone was not using MobileIron. The FBI now has the phone in its possession and would like access to the data on the phone. However, the phone has a passcode, so no one can get in. If the phone had been using MobileIron, the County IT department could have cleared the passcode to resolve this situation.

Company security and employee privacy are both essential in a mobile deployment. Any mobile device with business data should be using an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution like MobileIron. However, as this case shows, mobile technologies are still…

Read the entire article from MobileIron here: Reactions to the San Bernardino County debate


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