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Reading on tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, Kindle Fire HDX, iPad mini – or e-ink reader?

I am reading an article about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook and how it is co-branded with Barnes & Noble and declared to be a good reading device. The article also compares it to the Kindle Fire HDX.

They both sound like good reading devices. Please read the above mentioned article to find out more. I am now wondering about one thing: Hasn’t the original Kindle with its e-ink screen been inventedĀ because reading on light and shiny displays was not good for the eyes? Of course, we are consuming news, messages, emails etc. on our phones all the time and are constantly starring on the light screen. But isn’t it especially great to take a break from that display and look at paper or the above mentioned Kindle screen to have our eyes calm down a bit?
Do you know the feeling of sitting in front of a PC all day long and then when you get up and look around it seems like the world is a little bit blurry and your eyes hurt?

The Yotaphone confirms that thought as it comes with a two screen approach, an LCD one and an e-ink one. So, all information that needs long-time reading can be consumed on the e-ink screen and if we want to watch a YouTube video or movie or read a colourful comic or PDF then it can be done on the LCD screen.

I think the problem is that we all agree but that we don’t want to carry two devices around. Also, we want to consume in colour. PDFs don’t look good on an e-ink screen and we can’t consume videos. I am all with you. I also love my iPad mini and think it has the perfect form factor for reading. It fits my handbag and is the perfect companion when I travel. I can read anything from my Kindle library and also watch movies. The same is valid for the two devices mentioned above.

So, what to do to have all functionality in one device but not hurting your eyes. It is rumoured that the new iPad mini 4 will have an anti-reflective display coating which is supposed to make reading easier for the eyes. So, also Apple sees the iPad mini to be the form factor for reading and is adjusting it accordingly. There are also display filters available that can be applied to reduce the glare. I guess they are a good option for devices that are neither e-ink nor the new iPad mini 4.

I also read an article about a research that was done on reading on LCD andĀ e-ink displays. The conclusion was that there was no real difference considering fatigue and visual strain. Interesting! However, reading in sunlight would make a difference. I am not sure what I should think about that as I clearly know from myself that reading on an LCD screen makes my eyes more tired and dry than on an e-ink screen or on paper. But maybe it’s only me!?

How do you feel about this? What’s your preferred screen or material when reading? Do you think the Yotaphone is a good idea?

I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences and opinions!

Have a great day!


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