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Report: Smartphone apps now take up 50 percent of time spent online

Interesting numbers. Smartphones and native mobile apps are constantly growing to being our number one way to go online and be connected.


The amount of time that U.S. consumers spend using smartphone apps has been steadily increasing over the years, accounting for 34 percent in 2013 and rising to 41 percent in 2014. The latest report from comScore Inc. sees the time spent on smartphone apps rising to 50 percent as at July 2016.
The statistics are not surprising considering the convenience factor of a smartphone, a device that consumers constantly have with them. With an increase in the size of smartphone displays, and 4G LTE networks offering up faster speeds, it is no longer necessary to trade your smartphone for a tablet or desktop when you want to stream music, check your email, get directions, etc.
A report released by
comScore in August shows the top apps that dominate mobile users time are mainly from big players like Facebook and Google, with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search taking up the five top spots. While the list is mainly made up of established apps, it…
Read the entire article from SiliconAngle here: Report: Smartphone apps now take up 50 percent of time spent online


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