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Review: Apple iPhone SE

I like this article. I guess for the ones who only own a phone and want to be able to carry it around and also consume content that requires a bigger screen (videos, reading…) a bigger phone might be well worth it. They get the phablet effect. To me, every device has its form factor and every form factor has its purpose. The phone is to communicate and a small device that I can carry everywhere with me. If I want to do things that require a bigger screen then I change over to my tablet. I like the iPad mini as it still fits in my purse, I can easily carry it around when I travel and the screen is big enough to consume videos and read in my Kindle app. What about you? What do you do on your phone and what phone size do you prefer?


Some things are just better bigger. Televisions, hotel rooms, border walls (supposedly), paychecks, wine glasses, hands, and one or two other things I won’t mention that come up very quickly when you Google “bigger is better.” Oh, and phones.

For several years now, smartphones have marched inexorably toward a size resembling the stone tablets on which our ancestors chiseled their email and calendar appointments. One company found that of the 11 most popular smartphones worldwide, only one had a screen smaller than 4.6 inches.

Read the entire article from Wired here: Review: Apple iPhone SE


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