Review: HP’s Elite x3 is too much smartphone, not enough PC

It would be really cool if we could once reach the day that we can use our smartphones as a full-blown PC. Then, all we need to do is carrying our smartphones around and we always have all our data with us. However, if we use cloud services, then our data should also be reachable from any kind of device. The Elite x3 has a good approach but is not quite there yet. Read why below.


Imagine being able to carry around your PC in your pocket, using it as a smartphone by itself and as a full-fledged PC when connected to a display, keyboard, and mouse. For people who work on the road or in multiple locations, that sounds like nirvana. Ditto for shift workers, from call centers to retail associates, where you have more employees than terminals at any given time.
That’s exactly what HP’s $799 Elite x3 claims to be: a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone that transforms into a full PC when you connect it to desktop peripherals, whether via a dock or wirelessly. But the Elite x3 isn’t a full PC, because of Windows and Office choices that Microsoft has made — and it can’t be one. Thus, the Elite x3 falls short of its core promise. Plus, it’s an awkward smartphone you won’t want to carry around.
The PC industry and the mobile industry are both trying to figure out how to evolve, with PC and tablet sales declining, and…
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