Review: Qwerkywriter, the Bluetooth keyboard that thinks it’s a typewriter

Finally, a review about the Qwerkywriter that I spotted earlier and already posted on LittleMsMobile when I wrote about different kinds of keyboards. I think, it’s a good review. I would like to try it out as I remember learning to write on a typewriter. But I also think the price tag is to high to buy it for myself. I could also imagine that we type slower when there’s a longer way for the key. We see with modern physical keyboards that the touch deepness of a key gets flatter and flatter. But, as I said, I would love to try it out, just for fun.


I’m old enough to have started writing on a typewriter – albeit, as a kid. I couldn’t imagine going back to one now, but there is something rather lovely about the sound and rhythm of the keys. For creative writing, I actually use an app that creates simulated typewriter sounds, simply because I find that puts me in the right mindset.

So when I spotted the Qwerkywriter on Kickstarter ages ago, I always meant to check it out. A recent post on 9to5Toys reminded me about it. From photos, I loved the look. My questions were whether it would look as good in real-life as it does in the photos, whether it would turn out to be a novelty or a serious keyboard – and whether it could possibly justify that $349 price-tag?

So yesterday I tried it out with my iPad, and today I’ve been using it with my Mac – including writing this review on it – in order to find out …

Let’s start with the looks. At a casual glance, you really could mistake it for a compact typewriter….

Read the entire article from 9to5Mac here: Review: Qwerkywriter, the Bluetooth keyboard that thinks it’s a typewriter


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