Samsung Charm – A Stylish And Competitive Fitness Tracker

A few months ago, at the MWC in Barcelona, back in February, Samsung announced its new Charm wearable device that is now ready to hit the market. It is an elegant activity tracker, aimed at helping women improve their fitness levels while also looking fashionable. For more details, read below.

Samsung Charm Design And Features

Samsung Charm is available in 3 lovely colours: gold, black and rose quartz. The is designed with simplicity in mind with the charm-like smart element in the middle of the bracelet, hence the model’s indicative name.

The Samsung Charm follows the path of fashionable wearables we have seen launched over the last two years, trackers trying to ditch the geeky-tech look for a…

Read the entire article from WTVOX here: Samsung Charm – A Stylish And Competitive Fitness Tracker


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