Samsung is fixing the biggest problem with the Galaxy S7 edge

When fingers touch the edges of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge then they can trigger touch commands. This can be annoying if you just want to hold your phone. Therefore, Samsung announced a fix that is supposed to be coming out soon!


The new Galaxy S7 edge is my favorite Android phone ever. In fact, it’s my favorite phone period in terms of hardware. In just a few short years, Samsung has gone from selling cheap-feeling plasticky flagship smartphones to building smartphone hardware that is absolutely best in class. Combine that with a gorgeous 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display in a shockingly compact form factor for a phablet, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

No phone is perfect though, and the S7 edge definitely ships along with some annoying issues. Thankfully though, a new update will fix the biggest complaint many users have with their new Samsung phablets.

The curved edges on the Galaxy S7 edge are a selling point for a few reasons. The provide some design differentiation, which is certainly appreciated at a time when most flagship phones look identical from afar. They also make the S7 edge fit very comfortably in the…

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