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Shelfie App Lets You Take Digital Versions of Your Books With You

This is a quite cool idea, the Shazam for books! I downloaded it and will try it out! It would just be great if there were more books available for free as they have already been purchased (at least if it is your own bookshelf). What do you think about this? Would you use it?


Avid readers can have digital copies of many of their books around when they want them, even on the beach, using the new Shelfie app.

No matter where a book lover travels, they can automatically be accompanied by digital versions of many of their favorite books from their home collections through Shelfie, a new mobile app that helps users acquire free or inexpensive digital versions of a wide variety of print books.
Shelfie lets users take smartphone photographs of each bookshelf in their home or work libraries, which are then scanned using computer vision and special algorithms that read the titles of the books and enter them into a user’s personal database. Once the lists of books in their collections are created, Shelfie can then identify which titles offer free digital versions that can be added to a user’s device. Using the technology, users can always have those books with them in digital form for ready reference or reading, wherever…

Read the entire article from eWeek here: Shelfie App Lets You Take Digital Versions of Your Books With You


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