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Should you get the Apple Watch Nike+?

Have you thought about getting the new Apple Watch Nike+ but you are not sure and you would like to know what the differences to the “normal” Apple Watch are? The article below lays it out well. Basically, it might make sense to you to get it if you are a runner. But read it yourself. 


The Apple Watch Nike+ is loud in every way a watch can be loud. It’s got a brightly colored perforated neon band, matched perfectly by a custom face that tries to motivate wearers with quick Nike-esque slogans like “Running Today?” and “When Are We Running?”
The Apple Watch Nike+ begs to be noticed. The moment I popped it on and entered society, eyes were immediately drawn to the bright yellow circles adorning the watchband. Though, to be fair, I wasn’t wearing exercise attire on the way home from work.
The Apple Watch Nike+ is not subtle. Nor is it designed to be. That’s the job of the standard Apple Watch, to blend in to every day life, to be there when you need it. This latest collaboration between the two corporate giants, released on the 10th anniversary of the original Nike+ team up, is designed, above all, to motivate, like an excited personal trainer in a brightly colored jumpsuit tapping you on the shoulder and asking you if you’re planning to get off…
Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Taking the Apple Watch Nike+ for a spin


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