Should you wait for the iPhone 8?

While the upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to have some welcome improvements, the iPhone that Apple is planning for 2017 could be really different.
First, let’s review what’s expected for the iPhone 7. Two recent reports from Bloomberg lay out a lot of the details. It’s expected to debut at an Apple event less than a month from now on September 7, but be physically similar to the iPhone 6/6s, a design first introduced in September of 2014. That means Apple will break from its past practice of doing a physical makeover every two years.
The iPhone 7’s improvements and changes are expected to include a dual-camera system (possibly similar to Huawei’s P9 smartphone) on one model, a redesigned pressure-sensitive home button, and no headphone jack. Headphones would be connected via the charging port or Bluetooth.
Wait for the iPhone 8?
The iPhone 8 should be the device that moves Apple into the future. It may not be a coincidence that 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of…
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