Simple free app enables Android 7.0’s hidden Night Mode

Truth be told, no one really knows whether or not features like “Night Mode” actually help you sleep better at night. Although the jury is still out, there’s no question that reducing the amount of blue light cast be your smartphone’s display is easier on the eyes in the dark. Apple introduced its “Night Shift” feature in iOS 9, allowing users to automatically or manually cut out a configurable amount of blue light from their screens. Google’s newly released Android 7.0 Nougat operating system has a similar feature baked in, but for some reason Google decided to keep the feature hidden in its new release.
Of course, you knew that third-party developers Android developers wouldn’t let this sweet new feature stay hidden for long.
Had Google’s new Night Mode feature been made available upon installing Nougat, it might have made the cut in our list of the best…
Read the entire article from BGR here: Simple free app enables Android 7.0’s hidden Night Mode


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