Slack introduces ‘Grid,’ its long-anticipated enterprise product

Communication with teams all over the world needs to be fast, almost instant. Therefore, more and more processes are done via chat. We send short messages instead of calling a person or walk to the person who might sit on another floor. We exchange files via chat, create teams, call each other and do video chats. In our private lives, chat is already the communication platform number one. Why should we not also use it in business? Slack is already one of the most used communication tools in enterprises and they adopt their features more and more to enterprise needs. Therefore, they have created Grid that focuses even more on enterprise requirements like security and the integration with other business services like their accounting or CRM.

Chat will become the major platform to do things online – and Slack, Facebook and Microsoft know it! You can find out more in the article below.


Dive Brief:

  • Slack Enterprise Grid, Slack’s large enterprise product, is now available, according to a Slack blog. Slack says “dozens” of company are already using the product, including PayPal, Capital One and IBM.
  • Slack Enterprise Grid includes new features adapted to help large enterprises use Slack effectively, including unlimited workspaces, shared channels for collaboration, security and administrative controls, all under a unified structure.
  • Slack also announced a new collaboration with SAP that will enable bots to deliver real-time reporting and “feedback on performance goals, message-based expense and travel management, and options for running chatops development workflows in Slack.”

Dive Insight:
Companies like Slack and Dropbox, which originally targeted consumers or smaller businesses, are realizing that the key to future growth lies in gaining…
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