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Smartling acquires Jargon to help mobile developers ready their apps for international markets

Localization is a delicate topic as only a human can translate perfectly. However, there are systems and platforms that allow to get pretty close to the actual translation. I am still of the opinion that a human would need to double-check. If there are words or phrases that are repetitive, like the German sentences that were mentioned in the article, it can be helpful to use an automatic system. I like the possibility to check out length of words before the localized terms are encoded in the application. Has anybody tried Smartling or Jargon? I evaluated Smartling once. But we stayed with our human translators. However, I liked the idea of the platform.


Smartling, the translation tech company, has acquired TechStars alumni Jargon on Crunchbase which makes tools for mobile developers who want to “localize” their apps for different international markets, and the devices and app stores that are relevant in each one.

New York-based Smartling is known for its “translation management system” software, and marketplace of professional translators.

Its software feels a bit like a mainstream content management system like WordPress, but with features built around managing translation tasks like hiring an appropriately skilled translator, and reviewing and revising translations before publishing them where customers can see them.

According to Smartling Chief Executive and founder Jack Welde on Crunchbase, with the all-cash deal, Smartling extended job offers to Jargon’s entire team, but founder and CEO AJ Cihla is moving on to new projects.

Smartling will immediately integrate Jargon’s technology into its own cloud-based…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Smartling acquires Jargon to help mobile developers ready their apps for international markets


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