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SmartUX Studio lets you transform legacy apps to mobile ones

There is another solution that does not re-factor but still makes legacy Windows Applications user-friendly on mobile devices. Check out hopTo, also recommended as App of the Month. Both approaches have their legitimacy. It depends on how intensely you use the app. Do you want to fill in forms and look something up quickly, go for the simple approach without re-factoring. Do you need apps that allow deeper and more intense use, you might want to look at the re-factoring.


Enterprises desperately want to build more mobile apps for their businesses, but many are unable to do so due to a lack of resources. Now, to help smaller enterprises solve this dilemma, a startup called PowWow Mobile has created a new platform for building apps faster, using less code.

PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform helps developers to transform already-functioning web-based or Windows apps into what it calls “intuitive, modern mobile app experiences”. The software relies on a machine-learning engine that helps it to add the legacy app’s features and UI components to a drag-and-drop menu, from where devs can easily rebuild the application for mobile devices. The end result is faster development, which big savings on the costs of doing so.

SmartUX Platform comes with a SmartStudio, which enables the use of mobile-first features like alerts and notifications, touchID, camera, map location (GPS) and NFC capabilities that people are already familiar with. Another…

Read the entire article from SiliconAngle here: SmartUX Studio lets you transform legacy apps to mobile ones


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