Snapchat reportedly has more daily users than Twitter

Interesting… Twitter needs to figure out the feed. It is still too confusing, too much information at once and one is never able to see all tweets in one’s own feed. There should be some kind of intelligence in it. So, for example, if I go through my feed and mark the tweets that were really appealing to me, then Twitter should create an intelligent algorithm based on keywords, hashtags and users who post to understand what I like. Then Twitter should show me the feed primarily with things I like. 

Or, they should allow external developers to create Twitter apps that allow the users to create their own kind of lists or categorization, almost like an RSS feed where you see all information from one “account”. 

I hope, Twitter, or third parties, will come up with something exciting. They also need to make sure that there are not only marketing people, self-promoters, IT companies and bloggers using their service but also end customers who want to inform themselves about the latest news in a certain category. 


Twitter Inc has been struggling to stay relevant over the last few years amid reports of stagnant user growth and sinking share values, but meanwhile, Snapchat Inc’s social sharing and chat app has handily taken up Twitter’s slack and now boasts a few million more users per day.

According to Bloomberg, analysts estimate that Snapchat now has over 150 million daily users, significantly more than it had in December and slightly higher than Twitter’s own estimated 140 million daily users. The analysts noted that Snapchat is particularly popular with young people, something that used to be the territory of Twitter when it first became available roughly 10 years ago.

One of Twitter’s biggest challenges has been streamlining the process of new users to learn how to use the platform, and the company has tried a number of features and strategies to make this process easier. For example,  Twitter introduced Instant Feeds early in 2015 as a way to give new users a number of…

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