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Solutions for your Mobile Strategy

A mobility strategy does not only consist of an EMM solution but requires an ecosystem of solutions to cover all important areas namely securing devices, apps and data, developing and managing apps, providing access to content and collaboration tools, automating software deployment as well as managing user identities.

Below, you will find solutions that I recommend having a look at to build your mobile strategy. You will find established ones and less known ones. They are sorted by category so that you can find exactly the solutions you need to cover a certain requirement. If you already have an EMM solution in place and are now looking for collaboration tools then you can filter for them below. I you have a big fleet of devices and/or users and would like to automate the deployment, you will find recommendations below. Please go through them. Hovering over them or touching once on a mobile device reveals a short description about what the strength of this solution is or what I find special about them. I know there is the Gartner Magic Quadrant... but I think, it is worth looking at best-of-breed solutions as they are the experts in what they do - even if they are not in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. They all have their roles as pieces in the puzzle of building your mobile strategy. Enjoy browsing!


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