Sorted offers a new take on the standard To Do list app

This could be a good to-do app with a lot of options, however it is thought to be one for power users as there is a lurning curve involved.  But check out yourself.


A new application called Sorted launches today to offer a better, faster and more efficient way to manage your tasks via your mobile phone. Yes, it’s another To Do list application. Do we really need such a thing? The answer to that question may be subjective, but a small team of developers in Hong Kong believe there’s room for another app in this space to carve out its own following. They’ve even patented some multi-touch gestures aimed at making working with tasks quicker than before, they said.

For starters, the Sorted application may only have niche appeal. It’s not really designed for the occasional list maker, but rather for someone who regularly has to juggle a number of tasks throughout the day.

The app began as a personal project by Mind Fund Studio’s CTO Leo Tumwattana, who says he struggled with keeping up with tasks and requests that continually change. A follower of the “GTD” (Get things done) model, he couldn’t find the right app for his own…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Sorted offers a new take on the standard To Do list app


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