Surround WiFi maker Luma raises $12.5m Series A from Accel,

This sounds like a good home wifi system in order to prevent dead zones. However, it still requires a physical internet access and, as far as I can see, does not work with LTE.


Surround WiFi maker Luma Home, Inc. has raised $12.5 million Series A in a round led by Accel that included, Inc., former AT&T Chief Executive Officer David Dorman, and existing investors Felicis Ventures, Base Ventures, BIP Capital, Relay Ventures, and Webb Investment Network.

Founded in 2014, Luma is aiming to create the fastest, simplest, most secure, and most reliable home Wi-Fi network “that’s equipped for the technology of today, and tomorrow.”

While that’s pure spin, what the company is building is a Wi-Fi system for the home that utilizes multiple access points in tandem to deliver complete coverage in a similar fashion to that used in large enterprise networks.

As SiliconANGLE’s Mellisa Tolentino described the system back in November 2015 “Similar to the top sound systems that surround your home with speakers, Luma allows you to easily add more access points to surround your home in fast and reliable internet–putting an end to dead…

Read the entire article from SiliconAngle here: Surround WiFi maker Luma raises $12.5m Series A from Accel,


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