Swift for iOS: Apple releases near-final iOS 10 beta build

Developers who use Swift for iOS should get excited — according to TechCrunch, Apple announced its fifth beta of the next edition of its mobile operating system, iOS 10, this week. The company also released betas for the macOS operating system and the code that runs its watches and television set-top boxes.
TechCrunch claims Apple is not expected to release more than one or two additional betas before declaring iOS 10 final and shipping it to customers.
Most notably for developers, the most current iOS beta comes with a beginner’s coding app called Swift Playground, which is designed to help children ramp up their development skills using Swift for iOS. This app was previously announced at WWDC as a way to encourage more kids to get into programming. Swift is the company’s main development language for iOS applications, featuring a low barrier to entry and a unique development environment that runs code as it is written, like a live preview.
The Swift…
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