Technology is changing a fundamental thing about how we read

This article explains how our reading changes on digital screens. I think it depends on the content that we read. If we are on news sites, then yes, we jump around and we might skim the news and not remember so much. But if we read a book on a Kindle, then for me it is the same experience as with a paper book, only that I don’t have the nice smell of the paper pages and cannot leaf through the pages. But I am not distracted. Also, an LCD screen might hurt the eyes a little bit more than a real book. Here, again, the Kindle with its e-ink screen is better. But apart from that, as I said, I think it depends on the information we consume on how we read, not the screen. What do you think?


In the not too distant past, we used to read, properly. Be it a
book, magazine, or a letter, we would start at the front and work

Even newspapers were consumed in a logical format. Since the
arrival of multiple screens, smart devices and the Internet,
something has changed. Now we either choose to read or skim depending on the media in
front of us.

Web users are hopping all over the place like frogs on a hot
plate, with link to adverts, boxouts, pop-ups and other
distractions breaking any attempt to follow the flow of any text.

Reading between the science

Science believes that the rise of electronic reading means we now
have bi-literate brains that diverge when it
comes from reading from a paper-based source, or off a
screen. Whenever we pick up a tablet or e-reader, the mind
prepares to be diverted and jump…

Read the entire article from BusinessInsider here: Technology is changing a fundamental thing about how we read


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