The Apple Watch hack: Bringing design expertise to reinvent the wearable

This is an interesting idea! What do you think about it? Do you also face the problem to not being able to wear your old watch(es)? I do! I loved my old watch, but am wearing my Apple Watch to track my activity and health data. Thus, my old and beloved watch is sitting on a shelf where I see it every day but I cannot wear it. Therefore, the patch idea is good, however, to me I think it would still be a bit bulky. But I like the exploratory spirit! We need people like you, Kevin! Perhaps, this idea will evolve and there will be an even more elegant solution in the future!


I bought an Apple Watch six months ago. This was no casual purchase. As an Apple fan, a watch collector and with more than 20 years of experience in the design innovation space, I had extremely high expectations of the purchase. While I have enjoyed the stylish Apple Watch’s features and functions, I have occasionally felt frustrated with the overall experience, for two, admittedly personal, reasons.

First, the Apple Watch won’t continuously monitor my heart rate. Because of a history of heart disease in my family, I keep a close eye on my health. Tracking my heart rate over the course of days and weeks would provide me with beneficial longitudinal data. The Apple Watch is designed to measure a user’s heart rate whenever the Workout App is launched, but otherwise won’t record it when one moves, which is exactly when I want to measure it (I realize this saves battery life, but I’d be happy to recharge throughout the day to have this functionality).

Second, it’s…

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