The Apple Watch has been a failure

I don’t think, the Apple Watch is a failure. It is the first version and shows what is possible. The design is improvable and yes, a phone independent version would be beneficial as well. And, it will come. They already talk about thinner designs, an independent GPS and there might come the day it’s running with its own SIM card. But they needed to start somewhere with version 1.0. I really like it and don’t leave the house without it. I even sacrificed my beloved Fossil watch because I want the fitness tracking information and I like that I can quickly check notifications without taking out my phone. I also like to walk around listening to music and control it from my watch. Lots of benefits. You can read more of my experience with the Apple Watch here. I hope I could help to balance the below article’s view about the Apple Watch a bit.


It’s fair to say that wearables has yet to become the major category many expected they would develop into.

Aside from some niche success from companies like FitBit, which seems to have created a business out of its low-cost fitness trackers, the big players have yet to score a major hit. Apple may be the most high-profile operator in the space and it’s fair to say that its Apple Watch cannot be considered a success based on what it has sold so far.

In reality, even if Apple equals the 21.4 million devices FitBit claimed in its Q4 earnings report it sold in 2015, it would still be seen as maybe not a failure, but not a clear success either. That may not be fair, but expectations are higher for a company which regularly sells more than 200 million iPhones in a year, according to numbers compiled by Statista.

Of course, after selling only about 10.6 million units in…

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