The future of apps should be better apps

Nice addition to the previous article “Welcome to the post-app world“. What do you think? Do you see the same problems with apps as stated below?


A few weeks ago The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article entitled What Comes After Apps.

While the premise that apps today have some major problems is sound, the conclusion, that apps are going to be replaced by something entirely new, was not.

The future of apps is supposedly progressive web apps and emebedded dumbed down app functionality inside chat apps. While I think apps will have a surface area in many ecosystems — showing up inside stores and chat apps — it is just one facet of apps.

Apps have many problems but we must solve them rather than imagining that the problems disappear when we put them inside chat or browser. You are just trading one problem for another.

To me, Apps have the following problems and these new paradigms only address a handful of them while making others worse.

Download & Install: When you get an inbound SMS or email and you click the link, only to discover that you must first download and install the app.

This is painful…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: The future of apps should be better apps


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