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The future of apps will feature low-code development

Low-code development may seem like a tool designed for amateur developers, but it might actually play an important role in the future of apps. As ZDNet points out, major companies such as Salesforce are finding value in these development tools — Salesforce has built low-code development solutions into its new cloud-based platform, App Cloud Mobile, which accommodates different audiences and offers an array of tools to support front- and back-end development.

Benefits of low-code development for businesses

Low-code development tools have done great things for the casual developer, giving nonprofessionals the tools they need to build formidable apps. However, even at the enterprise level, low-code solutions represent the future of apps and app development.

Though low-code development makes app creation more accessible to a larger group of people, it also helps enterprise developers build better branded apps faster. Less-intensive coding is required through…

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