The future of mobile app development

The below article describes how app development should be a continuous process as user requirements can change. Instead of only having a mobile strategy, we should have an omnichannel strategy and make sure customers can interact with our services and products on whatever channel they are coming from. 
We basically connect several microservices like personalization, analytics etc. and create a backend that can be connected with any kind of platform.
When it comes to content management, I recommend to also look at a microservice that does nothing else than content management. This way the content in apps can be changed easily and is always up-to-date without needing to upload a new version of the app to the app stores. The content would simply sync (check for updates) when the app is online again. The same content can be used on all necessary channels. This is very useful. Now, enjoy the below article which also explains how we can adjust apps more and more to user behavior thanks to all the data that we are collecting.



It’s hard to see changes when they advance gradually. A few years ago, enterprises were just setting out on their mobile journeys. They had to learn what it meant to support multiple platforms, how to leverage smartphone features and how to distribute apps in app stores.
Fast forward to today, and companies have been largely successful at overcoming these challenges. Now that the basics are mastered, we will enter a new phase of innovation in mobile app development. Here are three trends that will transform the apps we use:
1. From enabling the mobile channel to perfecting omnichannel
With the proliferation of digital interfaces, from mobile and web to kiosks, wearables and chatbots, it’s becoming clear that enterprises must learn how to interact with users across these touchpoints. The fact that the user experience is split across channels is an opportunity — each touchpoint can be exploited for its particular conveniences. To develop for all…
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