The future of mobile development has arrived: The rise of micro-moments

Interesting article about how the design of an app should not be the main focus anymore but the fulfillment of tasks in micro-moments. We use our mobile device to do something quickly, for example looking up a destination in Google Maps, and the apps should serve the result, the micro-moment. In reality, we do not really care about the app but about the information that it is giving us. This is why, we could also live with messaging platforms that provide all the information we are looking for (news, shopping, money transactions, chatting with friends, support from a company etc.). So, for developers, not the app should be in focus anymore, but delivering these micro-moments with small micro-services that usually interact with each other via APIs. Imagining the Google Maps app again, if we look for a destination and then also get information about it and reviews from other users or similar suggestions, then several micro-moments are inter-connected, preferably based on Artificial Intelligence. This article is actually a good addition or extension of the article about messenger platforms being the new OS’ of the future!

I heavily believe that we will go this way as it follows the natural human behavior of getting information through conversation. Apps like Quartz prove it. What do you think? Can you imaging having everything organized in messenger apps?


Mobile development has always presented challenges. Making the shift from wire frame to beta can crush the soul of even the most determined developers. However, the future of mobility will surely make the trip more enjoyable.
In the future of mobile development, standalone apps will become the dinosaurs of the industry, making way for the rise of micro-moments. Driven by the need for faster iteration and a more contextually relevant interaction, the new generation of mobile developers should focus on the merger of the physical world, the digital world and all the micro-moments created in between.
The rise of micro-moments
Rather than users opening and using apps a few times a day, users are using apps in four- to eight-second interactions — or micro-moments — many times a day. This shift is leading developers to favor notifications and cross-device interactions, both of which are better supported by new APIs offered through platform-as-a-service.
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Read the entire article from MobileBusinessInsights here: The future of mobile development has arrived: The rise of micro-moments


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